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The Retrospect Film Group is an independant
"no to low budget" film company located in British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Special Effects Samples

Okay. So I can't afford AE but I still wanted to learn how to do that cool, turning 2D photos into 3D motion. So using my faithful Sony Vegas Pro editing suite, I thought I'd see if I could come up with something. - This is going to be the opening to a Teaser I'm compiling for the project, Season Of The Plague.

This is just me hacking around trying to figure out what kind of special effects I can do using Sony Vegas Pro.

There are only 2 photos in this sample. The alley and the ship. I used Masking, FX settings and Motion. I also added in SFX: rain, train, church bell, thunder, and music. I know how it can be improved, like getting better lighting in the alley so it looks more like a gloomy day - Adding some flickering light in the wall lamps - puddling on the ground and rain impacts. But I just don't know how to pull that off in Sony. I think it needs to be done in After Effects which is like $2,000.00. Outside my budget.

This is my logo. Using a still photo of a very old sundial, I masked and rotated it making it spin counter clockwise. Added some FX settings. Added music.

This is my sister's logo. I layered several textures - Used the New Blue FX Cartooner plugin to make the font crumble up a bit - Used more FX settings on the font and textures - Got some smoke FX from Detonation Films - and Several layered SFX

My first Matte using several photographs and merging them together. This image was inspired by the short film Nova Initia